Record Store Day 2016

We love the spirit of Record Store Day, of supporting your local independent record st13001139_10154184501558120_7979198223976411868_nores, but we are an almost exclusively used record shop and we do not get in the special RSD merchandise. So, no, we won’t have the releases, or the swag, or a ton of gift bags, and long lines around the block. What we will have is great, quality used records offered at an already reasonable price even before your 25% discount, friendly people who appreciate your business, loads of recent used-record buys and new reissue orders that we’ve been saving for Saturday, giveaways and concert tickets from Promo West from 2:30-5, a fun DJ set from our friend Connie, and a Girl Scout Cookie Booth!

We could easily focus on the things we’re missing out on by not overextending ourselves, financially, physically, and emotionally, to get in RSD product, but we’d rather simply keep being ourselves, knowing that what we have to offer will be worth your time. We hope you agree and that we see you all on Saturday! (and any other time you want to stop by! We can’t always promise Girl Scout cookies, though!)

Check out our Facebook event page for more details/times/etc!

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