Labor Day Dollar Sale!

Our next dollar sale is only a few days away! Thousands of records, mostly rock, on sale for a dollar each! Weather permitting, we’ll be set up both outside and inside the store.
The sale will be on Saturday, Sept 3 and Monday Sept 5.  Hours both days for sale are 11-5!

As anyone knows who has done our sale before I like to put a fair amount of very desirable titles in that have some dings but are generally playable. So you will find a few Grateful Dead albums, some Led Zeppelin, the Band, the Beatles and Stones, Yes, Allmans, AC/DC etc. I have also made it free of crap nobody wants like Andy Williams and Mantovani, but there are a few OG Mono Streisand records!

We’ll be closed as usual on Sunday, when we’ll be bringing up new stuff to add to the sale for Monday!  So, if you’re coming on Saturday, you can still find something new on Monday. A lot of it is rock, but there’s also a lot of jazz, soundtracks, soul, and country and western. Much of this is product that is in great shape but sat in our bins for too long.

14045976_10154522386203120_9057458376353663108_n (1)

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